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To prevent post development subsidence GRM design drill and grout schemes to fill the voids in shallow mine workings and entries. This is undertaken by drilling holes on a regular grid and injecting PFA/cement grout. These schemes can also include capping mine shafts.

GRM can offer either Fixed or Variable Price remedial schemes.

Fixed Price

Fixed price remediation, which is all inclusive of obtaining Coal Mining Authority permissions, treatment required, supervising and managing all site works and submitting a completion report to the Coal Authority can be attractive to our clients who require the comfort that a fixed price remedial scheme provides, where the risk element all lies with GRM.

Variable Price

Whilst fixed price remedial schemes suit some of our clients we are also happy to accommodate those that require a more formal tendering regime. For those clients we offer to:

For further information or advice please contact Clive Kirby or Chris Jerram.

Other Land Appraisal Services:

Coal Mining Risk Assessments (CMRAs)

Coal Mining Investigations

Mine Shafts

Mine Shafts

Treatment of Mine Workings/Shafts

Treatment Of Mine Workings / Shafts



Mineral Resource Assessments

Mineral Resource Assessments

Topographical Surveys

Topographical Surveys