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Under current planning requirements, development sites within defined coal mining areas require  the risks posed from both recorded and un recorded coal mining to be assessed.

For sites in a Coal Mining Development High Risk Area the Coal Authority will object to planning applications that do not have a CMRA. Furthermore, some Local Authorities will not register planning applications without a CMRA. Coal Authority Mining Reports or conventional ground investigation reports are no longer considered sufficient to satisfy the criteria set out by the Coal Authority for the preparation of CMRAs.

GRM have been producing mining risk assessments for over 20 years and these are being accepted under the new guidance. On sites where past mining activity poses a risk, our team of Chartered Geologists can advise on the most appropriate and cost-effective way to remove the risk to your site, and render it suitable for the proposed end-use.

For further information or advice please contact Clive Kirby or Chris Jerram.

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