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Phase l Desk Studies
& Phase ll Site Investigations

A Phase I Desk Study, also known as a preliminary risk assessment, is often required as part of the planning process. The Phase II investigations are designed to determine the ground conditions to enable foundation solutions and any remedial requirements to be assessed.


From The Surface Up

We design it. We make it safe and economic. We ensure it’s built correctly. GRM’s clear, accurate, prompt and user-friendly designs help development projects achieve success. GRM’s above-ground work has to achieve compliance and planning Approval.

What We Do

GRM have been providing assistance to developers, land owners and house builders (both large and small) nationwide for over 25 years. Whether your challenge relates to land or groundwater contamination, coal mining hazards, landfill gas or foundation design, we can help.

We can often demonstrate that a perceived problem is not really a hazard to the development, so for the client, a small investment in ground investigation can return many times its value in terms of cost savings.

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